2020 vs 2021: Trends in Information Technology You Should Know

New technologies are changing not only life but also the way people communicate. Today we will consider the main trends in technologies for 2020/2021 and figure out how small and medium businesses are impacted by them. Let's dwell on this point!

2020: Top trends

Cloud services

To remain on top in a competitive market business people must operate via modern services anywhere and anytime. By using cloud technologies, small and medium-sized enterprises adapt to changes and provide a new way for data management, identify key business metrics, as well as update their IT infrastructure.

Advanced business applications

Most digital applications are developed by using cloud technologies. They are aimed at different industries. As new applications and services emerge, new minimum competitive requirements will turn up in each industry.

The growing adoption of AI

Most UI interactions use natural language processing and virtual reality functions. In addition, companies use artificial intelligence for:

  • risk management and cybersecurity - 38%;
  • automation of routine tasks - 35%;
  • assistance to employees in making rational decisions - 31%;
  • prognostic information collection - 30%;

Progressive data management

Companies are doubling their investment in data-processing to improve data management strategy and obtain accurate analysis results. This also enables huge amounts of data to be processed without systematic human errors, as automation optimizes the processes and provides internal checks. Businesses heavily rely on using new information technology capabilities to avoid risks related to data transparency.

Data transparency and control

Data transparency and control are fundamental principles serving to protect data privacy. For the sake of implementing transparency and trust methods, companies pitch into machine learning and artificial intelligence.

2021: Future trends

Internet of behavior

Analysts predict that technologies for monitoring behavioral events and data management (facial recognition, location tracking, and big data) affecting them, will be very popular in 2021. 

Visual and voice search

Many companies will implement visual and voice search services into their websites to better understand their customer preferences. This will increase revenue by up to 30%, as well as help attract new customers (not to mention improving their experience with the product). 

Integration of chatbots

Chatbot integration will be a more popular trend in 2021 than mobile application development for businesses. Thus, virtual assistants will be able to process a large number of requests and improve service and communication for customers.

Intelligent composable business

This method will change the decision-making process, gaining access to better information and responding more quickly to it. Let’s say in the future, machines will improve the decision-making process by using rich data structure and its analytics. The intelligent composable business will pave the way for new business models, stand-alone operations, new products, services and channels.

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