First AI automated business solution

Each entrepreneur has once felt dizziness if all the operations are in different places. Sometimes, to make up a clear overview of how the business is going, you even turn a “Sherlock” on and gather all the information bit by bit.

Rather time-consuming, isn’t it? Let no routine stop you from reaching the highest peaks!



The system analyzes your behavioral patterns, what operations your perform, and what is your goal



AI learns your ways of performing the tasks and creates automation patterns



AI proposes to automate your routine actions and performs them, while learning on the process

Speed up the processes your business deals with

Reporting & Business Process Management

Monitoring of workflows may be rather tricky, especially in large companies. Keep abreast of each business process within the company. Observe every change. Form automatic reports or get your auto reports created by the system.

Optimize your workflow

Backed by expert Business Analysts

Imagine professional Business Analysts work specifically for your business. Wouldn't it be awesome to have an in-house BA team aimed at particulary your case? Avanga is developed and continuously supported by ace Business Analysts to make your exact case succeed.

Ease the process of cooperation and communication within departments and among them

500+ off-the-shelf business flows

The system offers numerous scenarios related to various processes any company has in general and each business deals with in particular. These are ready-made solutions to be performed for you and by you. Select the most appropriate and enjoy the work without drilling.

Save your time and money

Single-click start

Get minimum time spends with maximum opportunities. Have you already experienced frustration because of numerous integrations within your CRM? Enjoy our best solution - the absence of any integrations at all! Save your money. Spend your precious time on more valuable things.

Set you free from neverending conventional actions

All-in-one business tools solution

We will provide you with a scalable system to help dealing with urgent work. Thus, you will be more focused on development rather than routine activities. Your particular business deserves having a personalised approach. Your particular company deserves getting only useful and needed instruments configured.

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