Avanga Messenger Module

The Messenger module is a handy tool that enables workers to stay in touch, no matter where they are. Instant messaging, any place, any time. 

Primary module functions

  • Direct messaging; 
  • Channels creation for multi-member dialogue;
  • Broaden internal communication; 
  • Built-in parameters for media content sorting;
  • Excellent navigation system (convenient search and sorting of messages, contacts, and content);
  • Notifications

Avanga’s Messenger module has an easy to use interface with three main aspects: left sidebar, central main panel, and right sidebar. This layout makes it easy to focus on the module’s key element: live online chat.

Digital panel for business communication

This is a virtual space where you can send messages, images, documents, and other digital content. 

Users can change the sizes of the main dialogue space and toggle the left and right sidebar to change the screen display. 

Left sidebar


This function lets you to create separate virtual groups where you can discuss various business tasks and share your ideas. Just create a new channel at the click of a button and enjoy instant communication anywhere, anytime. You can create a private or public chat, depending on your preferences.

Direct messages

Send private direct messages to any user.

Right sidebar


This section contains information about the channel and displays the dates of sent and received messages. You can also configure your notification preferences.


The Media section helps you to organise images. You can sort them by name, type, date sent/received, etc. 


The Members unit lets you add new users directly to a channel. Also, you can see how many people belong to any channel or how many are online or offline.

We will help you to find a special approach to your business strategy. Our Messenger module has the potential to boost your daily operations by improving communication. 

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