Top Automation Trends 2021

In 2021, global trends in automation will still have an impact on small and medium businesses. This year, the accelerated growth of the progressive technologies market is expected. In this regard, there are huge opportunities to reduce costs and optimize the working process. Moreover, there is very fierce competition in the industrial sector and each step should be carefully analyzed. Ignoring trends can lead to big issues for the company. Let’s discuss some automation trends you should follow in 2021!


Hyperautomation is a combination of three components: machine learning, software and classical automation when performing certain work. Hyperautomation allows applications to reach a new level by using advanced technologies, such as AI and machine learning, to automate processes. 

Hyperautomation is based on RPA technology too. Its implementation provides new operating principles and a qualitative restructuring of business models. Thus, such a new approach to business management helps sort queries by department, set tasks, monitor processes, analyze and generate reports, and adapt businesses to changes faster.


According to the research performed by IDC company, in 2018 the investments in blockchain projects reached $1.5 billion, and by 2021 the statistics will double. Blockchain technology will save time and money by increasing the speed of access to data and automating most processes. Most companies argue that the use of blockchain technology and other innovative technologies is becoming more conscious. Blockchain is dominated by projects to control the supply chain, optimize document flow, make payments, and tokenize traditional financial instruments.

Automation in data security

Small and medium business owners face greater privacy and non-compliance risks than ever before. Unlike conventional data-storage security measures, privacy-enhancing calculations protect the information collected while maintaining confidentiality. Experts estimate that by 2021, half of the large organizations will implement privacy-enhancing computing to process data in unreliable environments and in multi-party data analytics scenarios.

Cloud automation

Thanks to the special features of the cloud, information can be stored for a long time, and there is no need to have regular access to the Internet. Thanks to cloud-based business automation, the entrepreneur has access to all information, can perform calculations, and can freely solve all business issues. Over time, services can add useful updates and features that help speed up operations. Business people should not worry about the cost of services, as they incur minimal costs.

Application of advanced technologies gives small and medium-sized businesses competitive advantages and leaves behind less efficient companies. Contact our team to find out how to manage processes with automation right.

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