BPA for the Real Estate Industry


Our challenge was to create a remarkable solution related to the real estate area which enables users to find nearby apartments ideally matching their preferences by means of searching the map and looking through the up-to-date offers.

The main issues to resolve:

  • Receiving, tracking and processing the requests;
  • Control over the selling process; 
  • New apartments availability and update. 


We decided to provide a complex solution to the issues described above. Thus, we have developed a CRM, a website and a mobile app synchronized to simplify the process of conducting the real estate business for our customers.

Process management

Apart from basic CRM functionality, the product permits integrating data from the website and its internal processing. The peculiarity is that all the internal data considering business processes is connected with the data from a web resource that helps assign tasks to managers easily and control the process with no extra steps. 

Estate module was built to govern the items represented on the website. Here, the list of apartments is shown and managers can easily modify the information or update it. One more point worth mentioning is that it saves and processes users’ search queries especially those that weren’t found. This helps create an overview of customers’ demands and include the items on the website.

Feedback chapter enables to process requests filled in via the website form. The data from applications is exported and processed internally and distributed among departments. This feature helps save time and resources on planning and management. Managers are also able to customize fields of the form to adjust to particulars of the item represented.

Both Feedback and Contacts modules create the opportunity to send trigger messages as well as perform communication via SMS. Moreover, e-mailing is automated that helps keep users and contacts in touch with fresh information.

Basic modules


The Messenger module is intended to simplify communication with leads. Besides, it enables to track important conversations that form the basis of successful sales. This module makes interaction with your company convenient and easy. Such an innovative channel plays a key role as it increases the number of potential requests and promotes income increase.


Thanks to this module, the user can manage real estate projects and assign a task for performers. 


Precise and detailed task distribution helps arrange processes and avoid blunders.


You can operate potential clients' flow by using one module. Lead management automation provides a complete insight into their needs and promotes the correct tactics creation for their attraction and sales optimization.

  • Overall lead management;
  • Closing more deals;
  • Sales forecast.


Save all the necessary information about the client in one data storage. Generate favorable offers or property details. Import new clients in the system easily and give them the best real estate service you can suggest.


Estimate your management with the Invoice module. This module integration allows to track expenses and send bills to real estate agents. The built-in invoices templates intended not only for calculation automation but also for sales transparency and optimal usage of financial resources.


For effective decision making, we created the module allowing to simplify forecast and statistics creation. Indicators that are analyzed by the module, allow the user to define the business efficiency, plan a marketing campaign or predict future results.

Custom modules

  • Module estate
  • Feedback
  • Contacts


Online presence

The website creation made it possible to show off the real estate assets on sale to the customers and sell them online.

Work monitoring 

The system makes it possible to see how many deals the manager has closed, what channel was used, what region he/she is located at. 

Constant access

This helped to show the apartments for sale at any place the sales manager is - in the sales department or right during the meeting wherever they agreed to.

Convenient search

The main menu of the page allows the users to carry out a search by filling necessary property parameters they are interested in. Besides, it is possible to choose additional parameters for a more detailed result.

Convenient navigation

With such information architecture, the user will not get lost in a lot of information. All descriptions are arranged according to the basic UX principles. Thus, it gives the user an accurate vision of the main real estate characteristics. The integrated GEO-function allows you to find assets on the map and receive additional offers that can attract the client.

Mobile real estate app

A hybrid mobile real estate app allows to compare the apartments and helps users find the ideal apartment options with a diverse filtering system. It enables the geographical search of real estate property as well as creating a personal user account with the possibility of saving options to favorites and getting advice.

The main application functions are:

  • The search of the real estate by criteria;
  • A geographical search of the real estate;
  • Obtaining digital documentation for the real estate;
  • Receiving favorable offers for the client;
  • User' account creation and the possibility of adding assets to favorites.


The combination of three key tools provided complete control over the processes of the real estate company. It allowed not only to structure each step of business activity but also provide the client with all the necessary information about a product and offer the best solution.

The complex solution enabled our client to:

- Save money on operations;

- Increase customers’ loyalty;

- Increase the number of sales;

- Save time on workflow monitoring and statistical estimation.

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