Marketing Automation: New Trends

Digital marketing becomes more and more authentic. It means the main object is not the product which people want to sell, but the person which these goods are offered to. Now market products are not just ordinary products moving from the supplier to the customer, it is a worthwhile and inspirational idea that solves 100% of business issues and meets client expectations as much as possible.

Being focused on trends of 2021 it should be mentioned that an individual approach to the user via your platform, the application or a digital system will become the crucial push to advance your business. You should understand that creating a product, you form brand values and give them to the client. Such a strategy will drive digital marketing in 2021.


A chatbot is a technology that will not lose its popularity and usefulness in 2021. Such automated tools are intended for communication with consumers and allow to simplify the process of purchase or sale as well as increase client satisfaction from interaction with the digital application or the website.

Chatbots are beneficial as they don't need a lot of time to generate a result for you or select necessary goods. Besides, such a tool has skills that allow to carry out requests by numerous information flows (resources on the Internet) and find the best recommendations or offers depending on your business requirements.

Another advantage is that they help you to simplify the purchase process or fulfill orders, carrying out all operations for several clients concomitantly.

Chatbots help to increase website conversion since they can provide necessary information 24/7. As opposed to managers who work in companies, chatbots do not need extra time to take a break, they can carry out all tasks and keep in touch at any time.

Besides, their working algorithms allow to identify the client and save time for their validation (personal information like mobile number, name, etc.), without overloading the client with additional questions.

Thus, it promotes service growth and allows you to boost instant answers and consultations in the online environment, therefore, you kill two birds with one stone increasing conversion and customer satisfaction. The majority of digital bots integrate with various systems like CRM. Integration with CRM allows bots to obtain chat information on clients, form the database and open opportunities to better needs understanding. As a result, they offer them various services or help solve various issues (financial transactions, obtaining feedbacks, sending mailings with favorable offers).

Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence using will have a significant meaning for modern business. Various innovations impressed business owners by AI capacities and open opportunities for service improvement. AI opportunities spectrum is wide enough.

For example, due to AI, Avanga tool can analyze uncountable data arrays that would be very difficult to be carried out by a usual manager. Customizing one such tool, you can simplify the financial analysis, form reports, manage tasks or provide activity control as Avanga is responsible for all these tasks.

As safety is always one of the main modern market priorities, artificial intelligence will be one more plus since it carries out violations identification. Difficult algorithms ensure relevant information search as well as allow to create technical solutions, which guarantee big efficiency and allow to identify potential threats.

Moreover, such systems solve complex issues related to marketing (digital marketing). For example, AI can analyze supply and demand, market research, give detailed analyses about current company situations and collect necessary information about goods or services.

Thus this technology will allow to automate business processes, deepen knowledge of them, carrying out forecasting and analyst, reduce possible risks and provide high-quality communication with the client.

Focus on personalization

Modern marketing relations include not just the purchase or sale of various goods, they form the background, that identifies each client as the personality. As a result, the successful sales strategy allows to increase the business potential and get the highest profits due to personalization - individual address to the user.

Well-formed personalization strategy forces consumers to make purchases twice faster. Why does it work? The main personalization advantage is that your audience is segmented into target groups that you can offer the most appropriate content for them separately. 

It means that choosing between the usual company and the company where managers use personalized marketing effectively, a potential client will choose the second option. The modern toolset allows to carry out data processing about clients and offer them products they need.

Digital advertisement

It is not enough to create a remarkable solution and launch a product on the market. It is necessary to use your noodles and figure out how to attract the clients and force them to click on the button "buy goods" too. You can use various channels to increase brand loyalty, expand the audience and promote sales growth.

Effectively applying ad to the business platform, you should make sure that it contains relevant content. Most of the users are nervous when their device is overflowing with various advertising about goods in which they are not interested. In this case, you can apply contextually or targeted advertising as it is more productive and helps to work with the target audience. 

Thus, being focused on an audience with special interests and preferences, you can minimize the budget and increase business strategy efficiency.

Voice search

For now, the most widespread method of information search was manual text input by an interactive keyboard. However, current trends allow business owners to be one step ahead of the competitors as well as permit clients to make purchases or any other operations twice faster. A digital tool that helps people to simplify the entire way of needed product search will be the new 2021 trend - voice research.

Brands begin to realize that adding such a tool to the platform will allow simplifying the process of products purchase as much as possible. This technology will be the most effective for you if:

  • You are focused on another market type (For example, Germany market) since most of the clients use voice search on their devices intensively.
  • If your clients are a young audience (14-35 age). According to the EMarketer researches, about 55% of users prefer virtual assistants or smartphones for necessary information search. Nevertheless, voice search will become not less convenient function for the elderly people in case they have difficulties with a keyboard search.
  • If you are a local business owner.  It is beneficial in case users are far from their home and enter into search request to find the nearest cafe, theater, etc.

Virtual reality and interactive content

Allow clients to feel. Earlier nobody could imagine not only such technologies but also their implementation in today's world. Now such technologies force out the competitors and win first place among the most powerful and effective tools. For example, the Converse brand allows the users to measure footwear online using the mobile application of their company.

People do not like statics, they aspire dynamic and interaction with something. It concerns modern business processes too. Thanks to such a trend, you can advance your one to the new level.

Why does it work?

  • Such a tool inspires brand loyalty and awareness since non-standard approaches, various interactive forms or the 360 videos or quizzes not only simplify the process of necessary information search but also create a positive mood for the user.
  • The user perceives it as a novelty as outdated forms of brand promotion don't attract and don't force them to return to your page.
  • Interactive content increases the time which the user spends on the page. Therefore, it impacts website conversion too.

The up-to-date world stands out for rapid changes. Therefore, digital marketing is not an exception too. Swift development and using various practices forces business owners to create a viable and profitable strategy and difficult algorithms, fighting for each client. Perhaps, you will be overwhelmed by numerous methods of digital marketing. Contact us and our team will help to make the best choice to increase your business potential and make clients happy with your products.

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