List of Digital Collaboration Tools for SMB

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) face a diverse range of obstacles every day. Things like human error, poorly implemented systems, bad management, and insufficient resources can limit efficiency and profit.  

Digital applications help business owners to solve various issues and make effective business decisions. Tools like Avanga can simplify and automate specific tasks, and also promote cooperation among employees, which in turn can boost productivity.

Efficient task planning with the help of special tools can also save time and resources, and improve workflow. 

Communication and information exchange tools

Clear communication is paramount to successful business, both internally and externally.  Employees need to understand their roles, tasks, and what the company wants to achieve. 

Managing multiple projects and employees simultaneously can be simplified by adopting certain management techniques. For this reason, many successful business people use digital tools for effective cooperation

Avanga Messenger

Avanga’s Messenger module is a perfect example of how a digital tool can improve communication. Apps can boost group interaction, encourage employees to share ideas, and give people both a collective and individual voice.

Key features:

  • Channel creation for dialogue with multiple members;
  • Direct messages for instant communication;
  • Media content uploading;
  • Built-in parameters for organising media content;
  • Search and sort messages, contacts, or content;
  • Instant file access


Yammer is a corporate social network for businesses. Effective communication helps companies to achieve goals. Yammer enables the continuous monitoring of team productivity to help management keep track of progress and tasks. 

Key features:

  • Making appointments with your business partners via the system;
  • Creation of groups depending on interests;
  • Private communication


This is an effective tool for communication among employees. All they need to do is to create an account and send workers invitations from their page. Here you can assign tasks for participants, divide them into groups and provide equal project steps distribution among the working staff.

Key features:

  • Organisation of media content; 
  • Instant messages;
  • Synchronisation and message sharing; 
  • Intended for small business

Document management tools

Effective project management is vital for businesses. Digital tools help to manage all project stages, perform tasks, and  analyse data. 

Avanga Projects

Avanga’s Projects module is designed to improve project management. Divide tasks among team members, set deadlines, and access all information easily on special agenda boards.  

Key features:

  • Manage your projects anywhere (from work or at home);
  • Convenient digital board where all projects are displayed;
  • Flexible management structure;
  • Monitor progress for each task;
  • Choose the priority of your tasks;
  • Upload/download your data


One of the tool’s main features is its modular interface structure. Each project task is located in grid form and each team member can be allocated specific tasks. Additionally, Monday shows the task performance status and timelines. This makes it easy to track project steps.

Key features:

  • Timeline function for project status display;
  • Digital grid for task planning;
  • Instant messaging;
  • Data visualisation and customisation


With Wrike you can plan work and optimise all processes easily. Determining task priority and task tracking ensures long-term monitoring and improved results.

Key features:

  • Hierarchical structure of data management;
  • Task planning;
  • Task performance tracking;
  • Task distribution by completeness (new project, ongoing, completed)

Custom relationship management tools

Avanga Leads module

Key features:

  • Sales management;
  • Database of potential clients;
  • Create task lists for each lead;
  • Establish prompt connections with potential customers

Sales management has never been easier thanks to Leads. Avanga’s Leads and Clients tools work together to simplify the process and provide companies with specific information.

Avanga’s Leads module boosts cooperation with potential clients. Big databases save the necessary information and additional functions allow employees to upload documentation, conclude agreements, and learn more about other work details instantly. The Clients module tracks the agreement statuses and displays current client information.

Avanga Clients module

Key features:

  • Detailed information about each client;
  • Sales information;
  • database of clients’ projects;
  • Contract status monitoring

Hubspot CRM

Key features:

  • Tracking and scheduling functions;
  • Integration with email, phone, or website;
  • Deal dashboard;
  • Document sharing;
  • Market analysis


Key features:

  • Call recording;
  • Auto-dialing;
  • Email-tracking;
  • Targeted emails;
  • High-potential lead monitoring


Key features:

  • Multichannel sales;
  • Systematic and thorough analytics;
  • Lead management;
  • Customer portal

Want to try Avanga and become a beta tester of a brand-new digital tool for SMB? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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