Avanga’s Main Modules: A Brief Overview

Unnecessary work can slow productivity and get in the way of vital tasks. With the help of Avanga you can organize workflows quickly. Its modular system simplifies and links all processes in one powerful chain to regulate your business and eliminate risk. The basic structure includes eight core modules:

  • Messenger
  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Time tracking
  • Leads
  • Clients
  • Invoice
  • Statistics/reports

Messenger: your virtual portal for communication

Business productivity is not simply down to implementing an effective system – teamwork and a collective set of values are important aspects that successful businesses need. The Messenger module is a virtual communication platform that enables instant and fluid connection between departments.

Projects: improve management 

The Projects module is an interactive board for monitoring tasks, tracking progress, and creating daily schedules.

Task: multitasking made easy 

The Tasks module displays interactive maps of work projects. It’s possible to track each stage of a project, while the multitasking platform can generate reports and track time and progress, among other functions – all in one click of your mouse. 

Time tracking: when seconds are valuable

Day-to-day time management is a vital aspect of any business. Conduct your workflow efficiently and eliminate wasted minutes and hours with Avanga’s Time tracking module. You can track the status of tasks and analyse team productivity indicators. The system can compare the results and show detailed business statistics.

Leads: stay in touch

Collaboration among employees, time management, and workflow organisation are important, but what about chasing leads? The Leads module is a database containing information about your potential clients that makes it possible to strengthen business relations with partners and stay in touch with people about your products or services.

Clients: make people feel valued

Avanga’s Clients module organizes important data about your customers in one place. Thanks to this module you can improve relations with existing and potential customers by better understanding their buying preferences.

Invoice: keep up to date with payments

The Invoices module has ready-to-go templates that simplify the billing process. 

Statistics/reports: predict the future of your business

The final stage of each working process is data and results comparison. Manual data analysis is boring and can take a lot of time, however, with the Statistics/reports module it’s not an issue. It analyses indicators and shows a detailed and effective report featuring a range of graphs and charts.

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