Barriers Teamwork Faced and Ways to Overcome Them

It's not a new that not all teams prove 100% efficiency. Thus, missed opportunities for team members and serious consequences for business owners arise. Ineffective teamwork forced many companies to make sensible decisions. 

For example, one of these decisions is to improve time management skills or modify a management strategy. However, your employees are not always able to manage an issue on their own. Thus, they need a more practical way to change their outdated working rhythm. 

Learn more about the challenges of team collaboration and how to overcome possible barriers easily.

Unclear goals

Your team members should know what tasks are planned for today. Sometimes, managers can spend a half-day assigning tasks to the responsible executant and explaining his/her duties to the full extent.

Unclear or confusing instructions result in wasting time as the team tries to figure out their tasks on their own. It can also challenge the entire process and lead to errors or misunderstandings.

Either way, because of misunderstandings or misstatements, your team will lose precious time working on the wrong scope or project. And you, as a business owner, will lose money.

Solution: The Avanga Tasks module allows storing a database with a list of all tasks (assigned to a user and created by a user). For each employee, there is a separate block where it is possible to record and describe all tasks, as well as estimate the time for their completion.

Once the task is assigned to the worker, the system sends a notification and the work starts immediately. Synchronization with built-in Messenger for communication allows discussing points in case your teammates get something wrong.

Absence of general-purpose tool

Sometimes, employees try to establish processes by using different tools to automate workflow. However, off and on, operating several tools at once becomes more difficult and takes more than ever. 

Undoubtedly, each resource includes a specific set of functions and allows you to easily cope with the issues you face. Nevertheless, working with a separate messenger, project management program or employee monitoring system simultaneously makes your team confused.

Solution: Choose software with customized features. Such platforms provide the necessary options for team communication, document storage and exchange, task/project management and much more. So you can make sure that all processes are organized properly and your team works efficiently.

Poor communication

It is always difficult to organize teamwork and set a suitable rhythm. And what if the number of members is growing and discussing all the details with each one becomes backbreaking work? For example, if your employees work in different departments, communication becomes one more barrier to work productively. Therefore, the interaction among colleges turns into a total misunderstanding and you may lose sight of something important.

Solution: A common workspace for all participants provides an opportunity to share daily progress, discuss work plans and speed up the project execution. Using the Messenger you can exchange materials or documents and get instant messages from your teammates at lightspeed.

Daily routine

Do you remember how much time you have to spend carrying out tasks that can be automated? It slows down team efficiency because workers can burn out by performing routine tasks over and over again. This distracts from the important tasks and makes the team use time and effort irrationally.

Solution: Automate your running cycle with new multitasking tools. With them, you will be able to optimize any branch of your business - from templates creation and invoicing to project management and time tracking. Using technology to solve routine tasks allows employees to devote more time to really important things.

Inefficient team management

It is very important to make sure that your team meets the deadlines. Otherwise, the goal can be achieved much later than it was agreed. The result is slowed down productivity or irrational use of time. For example, when a project manager does not have a general picture of how a worker performs tasks or doesn't know who is open to new tasks, valuable resources can be wasted. And the bigger your team is, the harder it is to organize the work and achieve success.

Solution: Project management systems can help you distribute tasks, set the status and priority as well as generate an extensive report on progress. The possibility of time-tracking tools enables monitoring activity at each stage of the running cycle.

Let magic things happen! Your team can interact more productively with each other and achieve fantastic results with a multi-purpose Avanga tool. If you set sights on turning your teamwork into the smooth flow -  please feel free to contact us and we help you integrate appropriate solution specifically for your business model.

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