Main SMB Issues Avanga Alleviate

Business owners are always trying to follow effective strategies to open up new opportunities, but if making money was easy, everybody would be rich. The number of issues people come up against as they strive for success is bigger than the number of qualitative working business models available. Small and medium-sized companies (SMB) are particularly vulnerable – being successful is about so much more than simply selling products. It is important to adopt new trends and automate processes to save time and money, among other things. Information technology can help both developing and established businesses to improve, but first we need to identify the types of issues that SMB can face, and how such problems can be solved with the help of Avanga’s automation strategy.

Main difficulties SMB face on a daily basis

Large number of processes

Often, the main feature that distinguishes SMB from large businesses is rapid development. New businesses can grow very quickly if they are successful, but to get a good foothold in a particular market it’s important to focus on a wide range of tasks at the same time. 

Routine operations

A company’s daily operations can quickly overload employees with endless monotonous tasks. However, if some tasks are automated employees will be able to focus on other aspects of business. For example, they will be able to devote their time to self-improvement and providing better services.

Manual task planning

There are many examples of inefficient workflow management – manually planning tasks in one of them, particularly concerning complex project planning requiring detailed analysis and assessment.

Excess expenses on resources   

Effective business depends on effective resource planning. Companies often neglect this essential aspect, especially when it comes to financial and HR management. As a result, creating a digital platform for internal communication, for example, can be difficult, which is a big disadvantage because such platforms can be beneficial tools for a business. 

Analysis and forecasting of business indicators

Initial business results define further development prospects. It’s necessary to know if a strategy is competitive but working this out often takes time and resources. Maintaining documents, analyzing economic indicators, and detailed statistics management distract from key tasks. Automating these tasks will save you time and money.

Time management

It’s important not only to create a high-quality management mechanism but also to focus on how much time is spent monitoring task performance. Creating an effective executive schedule will allow you to implement an accurate action plan, which will highlight the areas your business can improve and eliminate possible risk.

Other barriers

Naturally over time, SMB strive to provide a higher level of service for their clients. With this in mind, businesses can improve at a faster rate if they are willing to develop automation strategies that accelerate certain processes, provide transparency in their activity, and control select operations.

How does Avanga eliminate problematic issues?

Avanga has a multimodular structure that opens up possibilities for SMB. The following points show how this accurate mechanism automates processes and simplifies the control systems of companies:

Business process automation

One of Avanga’s main benefits is the fact it can automate business processes by combining aspects of its enterprise resource planning system (ERP), customer relationship management system (CRM), and business process management system (BPM). This means businesses can carry out effective resources planning, create precise interaction systems with clients, and create effective business models. 

System of messages exchange

One of Avanga’s main advantages is its ability to manage large information flows. Moreover, the platform maximises information transfer efficiency from managers to clients, potential leads, and employees. It’s therefore possible to manage systems that accelerate communication both within the company and to external players. 

Time management

The digital analytical system helps to track how much time is needed to carry out tasks. Also, the time-tracker module shows the key performance indicator (KPI) of each employee.

Business indicator analysis and forecasting

For these tasks, Avanga has two modules that help to save time and resources. The system automatically carries out all assessments and analyses key economic indicators. As a result, business owners have the option of creating detailed reports that show how these indicators impact their business. Ready to go templates are also integrated into the system so daily reports can be generated easily. 

Flexibility and scalability

Market fluctuations lead to changes in business processes. Therefore, each automated system needs to be flexible and able to increase productivity depending on business requirements. Avanga’s modular system enables users to adapt diverse business processes. This universal tool solves complex issues, helps manage big projects, and optimises company processes.

Sometimes business owners think that process automation is expensive and neglect automated management, but inefficiency can cost your business dearly.

The Avanga team is happy to answer any questions you may have about our product, which has the potential to open up new possibilities for your business through high-quality services and improved long-term relations with your clients.

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