How does the Customer Portal help to advance collaboration with clients to a new level?


Interacting with clients, business owners spend much time carrying out excess operations, maintaining documentation or workflow arrangement. Convenient and multipurpose SaaS-product makes it possible to exchange essential information with the clients, ask various questions or register inquiries. Team members can have constant access to the customer portal, therefore, all important documents are stored in one tool. It is a great business idea that will allow to enhance productivity and improve cooperation among employees.


The multifunctional platform is available 24/7 and solves complex business issues by optimizing them.

The registration menu needs only the necessary data input that makes the authorization process easy, convenient and safe.

The navigation panel consists of 4 main tabs: Portal, Customers, Modules and Settings.

Modules part gives a wide range of various plugins for business processes. Besides, this program section is divided into multiple categories: Social Media, CRM, documents, login, core and many others. For instance, users can apply integration with the social networks, add the messenger for business correspondence, or connect a feedback plugin.

Settings section includes several choice options. These are Customization, Subscription and Team members. Having passed into the settings list user get access to customization of the portal depending on his/her preferences. The system contains parameters not only for product design but also for changing a slogan, language or additional headings and subtitles. 

Additionally, the user can set a type of subscription plan or give an option to his team members to perform mass actions or create own account.

The Customers sector enables to invite clients by an email or import their contacts from excel or CSV-file. Thus, the portal receives a full database that stores the list of all consumers by name, status, category or registration date.

The Customer Portal contains all components that were previously connected. Due to this platform part, it is possible to manage the knowledge base, inform your colleagues about products or delegate tasks. Moreover, the processing of requests is easier and supports the instant transfer of necessary information.


For this project we chose the following technologies: React.js, Adonis.js, Node.js and MySQL. Such tools helped us to achieve goals and create a qualitative product. Using various frameworks, libraries and systems expanded capacities of product that we created. Here is a description of how we applied each technology in particular.

  • We have used MySQL technology to provide processes of record, preservation and data updating.
  • React.js enables to develop a flexible platform structure that allows a lot of clients to work in the system simultaneously. Thanks to such frameworks we developed the interactive and dynamic interface that provides a great user experience with the application. 
  • Node.js and Adonis.js ensure asynchronous functioning by means of the possibilities of their libraries and modules. Due to these tools, the SaaS-system gives opportunities for chats realization or social network support.


This platform presents a smooth and uninterrupted management process for business people. The system flexibility provides the performance of versatile tasks and gives maximum efficiency. Operative information is distributed on all channels of a digital system and permits business owners to stimulate all working stages. 

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