BPA Solution for Stroller Manufacturing Management


The main challenge was to provide a business solution that gives a complete view of stroller manufacturing management and helps avoid troubles through online tracking and working stages regulating.


Custom modules were developed taking into consideration the specific requirements of the company based on its area of service. For example, the Visit Analytics module represents a review of items filtered by shops. 

Users can observe the general state of sales and create an automatic report based on the data. The ability to add comments helps create a full vision of how the process of selling is going. Goods Settings and Sales modules show a unified list of product items offered as well as sales reports.

Managers get a simple tool to monitor the assortment represented and analyze the demand and other statistics. GEO Settings module allows unifying all the information about shops, offices, and warehouses in different cities and countries. It supplies access to contacts, addresses, and people responsible for management monitoring.

Structural components

Visits analytics

This section reflects information on all the goods sold by the shop. The digital interface provides access to the grid table where the user can choose the necessary parameters (for example shop, the user, category, date from/ date to) and carry out the necessary option search. The list below reflects data about each shop including date, turnover, sold goods, sell the plan. Besides, it is an ability to view additional details - POSM (point of sale materials), expositions, comments, photos.

Visits Reports

This option reflects the overall sale status by the following parameters: country, city, store, manager, date, view.

Good’s Settings and Sales  

This section opens opportunities for the user relating to the Goods and Sales management. Choosing necessary parameters (title, image, status, ordering) it is possible to add a product to a system. Moreover, you can specify the stroller color and other characteristics that give the best product perception. The function of stock management is also integrated into a system and allows to operate process online and monitor the status by changing settings in a few clicks (for example, choosing the necessary country). Besides, you can operate global sales and create invoices thanks to which the user will be able to generate the automatic reports according to analyzed data.

GEO Settings

Here the user can operate geolocation settings for the following elements:

  • Cities
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Warehouse


It is the built-in function that allows understanding all processes deeper by distributing them to separate tasks. This feature allows creating daily tasks (having added name, type, start/end date, open points, sell goods). Besides, users can operate visits or managers reports and monitor the entire process without missing important details.


The structural platform hierarchy includes role-based access. The User panel is data storage that saves and controls information about each worker separately. (Information includes data on employment date, email, country, role, status).

Task Plans

To make the entire workflow smooth, our team created the additional function allowing the user to track each worker's progress. The Task Plans option allows planning all tasks, assign them to performers and meet the deadlines. Moreover, the system suggests linking each task with a separate group depending on performance term (short - middle - long term).

Along with that, the user has access to:

  • Managing Task Plans
  • Managing completed Task Plans
  • Everyday report


The functionality that is notable for this business is represented in the Service module. Here, the stroller parts are enlisted and the very process of manufacturing may be monitored by the manager. Moreover, it shows a type of complaint, the serial number of stroller and country it was bought in. Thus, the complaint is automatically generated according to pattern and is further transmitted for processing.

Such a function consists of:

  • Languages
  • Complaints Report
  • Complaints
  • Detail Report
  • Emails
  • Messages
  • Stroller Parts
  • Deviation Codes


This solution introduces possibilities for the successful sales cycle of the stroller manufacture industry.

To sum up, the key platform benefits we provided for our client are:

  • Clear visibility of sales pipeline;
  • Active cooperation in an online environment;
  • Digital reports and invoices every day;
  • Effective sales process thanks to the constant system control;
  • More accurate task chain due to digital planning.
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