How Small and Medium-sized Businesses Manage Data

Data is the backbone of all company processes. Due to its analysis, you can get answers to many business questions. Therefore, many small and medium-sized business teams try to follow effective data management methods.

The ability to process it in real-time is a need for many organizations. Besides, cloud solutions open up new data processing technologies. Small and medium-sized businesses manage the constant data flow with online resources to improve decision-making, services and reduce costs.

If business people seek ways to manage complex data assets within the company, online tools can be a winning solution.

So, why is high-quality data management important for small and medium-sized companies? How do they use data to improve their business?

Let’s figure out it together!

Companies use data to improve user experience


Business owners use data as an effective tool to analyze customer needs and provide better options for them. Generally, companies use data to improve customer understanding, poll customers, or measure product satisfaction.

It helps businesses enhance communication with consumers, effectively process their complaints or make service delivery. Put it another way, they can offer better-personalized offers based on analyzed customer information.

Thus, companies can draw up an accurate "user persona", expand target audience and make data-driven decisions.


Data becomes a key asset that companies use to make decisions. Primarily it promotes understanding of functions and processes. Thus, companies not only receive the right information about the situation within the company but also analyze the market conditions. It enables them to gain more valuable information and boost the quality of services.

Reliable data enables companies to build beneficial relationships with consumers and gain a competitive advantage.

Effective metrics for business growth


If you manage huge data flows correctly, you can analyze statistical models, detect previously hidden or non-obvious patterns.

This provides small and medium-sized businesses with an incredibly detailed view of all aspects. By receiving accurate information, companies know what actions to take if they want to avoid troubles in the future and mitigate risks.

For example, data analytics provides a detailed analysis of customer behavior, indicates what marketing channels to focus on in the future or how to allocate resources and increase revenue simultaneously.

Things companies forget to consider when managing data


Impressive figures, aren’t they? We prepared a few examples to give deeper insights into it.

  • Inefficient management practices result in big business losses. (For example, according to Salesforce survey, 23% of business days are spent by SMB teams by manually entering data).
  • Companies don’t use the right/ well-functioning software to handle a huge amount of unstructured data.

Trends you should keep up with when managing data

Say NO to manual data management

As the company grows up, data processing becomes a challenging task. Use digital tools to make manual data management more flexible. This will help you deallocate resources, optimize processes, and make decisions faster.

Optimize the business system 

Review your business's internal system. Most companies make the process more complicated themselves as they haven’t made up a clear vision of their business model and how to optimize it. Thereby it increases data management errors. That's because they don't know how to structure each business direction and analyze data.

Avanga’s multimodular structure helps manage your data for each department separately, from marketing, sales, and customer communications to finance and analytics.

Make data processing fast and smooth

Speed of data processing is important for small and medium businesses. Try to use the right tactics that will make data management really smart. It helps you improve productivity and reduce costs.

Contact experienced experts

Seek help from an experienced team who will provide a truly reliable tool for your business needs. Experienced specialists integrate a tool that will ensure security, make statistics or an analytical model in several clicks.

Change your management approach

Being able to move away from your outdated management approach allows businesses to be flexible and adapt to changes. Let's face the fact that sooner or later, the large dataset will slow your business down. So, it will be difficult to analyze them by the day. Use cutting-edge technology and keep track of market innovations to make best out of your business as well as get high-grade data management.

If your company is looking for ways to organize data in a progressive and dynamic way, our Avanga team is ready to help! Drop a line and we will tell you about the system that deals with it professionally.

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