How to Automate Business

Today, almost all industries automate business processes to reduce manual operations. The main goal of automation is to speed up data processing and coordinate business processes. 

What is business process automation (BPA)? It is the installation of an information system or platform capable of enhancing daily business tasks or operations. BPA improves management and productivity by deallocating certain company resources and optimizing financial and labor resources.

Basic automation goals

  • Accounting systematization and effective monitoring activities;
  • Providing support for the company's operations;
  • Document automation for partnership activities (including business proposals, invoices, etc.);
  • Instant report detailing the company’s current business status (account statement, financial status);
  • Ensuring information security;
  • Improved quality of service for customers.

How automation impacts your business

  • Employee performance is improved;
  • Digital databases control big data volumes;
  • Reduction of human error and improving management efficiency;
  • Multiple tasks can be solved simultaneously.

How can business be automated?

In most cases, day-to-day processes that are time-consuming are automated first. Saving time saves money so impacts profit positively. 

Financial operations

Creating perfect reports takes time because information needs to be collected from different sources before being analysed and structured. Automation makes it easier to control budgets and gives businesses more control over how information is viewed and acted upon: reports can be made more quickly and finances can be organised more efficiently. 


Regular reports are often prepared without automation. Ensuring the correct configuration will allow you to collect the necessary data more easily and enable more efficient analysis and forecasts.

Automated reporting can solve many issues linked to:

  • Statistical error monitoring;
  • Team productivity monitoring;
  • Human error elimination;
  • Time efficiency.


Businesses and their employees must be ready and quick to adapt to change. The information-sharing should be available even if your departments are in different cities. It is especially important when your team works remotely.

Instant notifications enable businesses to react to events and situations as quickly as possible. 

Sales department

Communication with customers is a vital aspect of the business but it can be time-consuming. At the same time, there is no guarantee that the manager will make a call on time. By automating sales department operations work you can solve all of these issues and ultimately save money. 

Project management

Project management automation allows managers to monitor employees,  see information about processes in a few easy clicks, and track the status of projects at each working stage.

 It provides businesses with:

  • Faster project implementation;
  • Increased project management efficiency;
  • Optimization of company resources;
  • Improved communication within the project team;

Lead management

Lead management automation creates easy-to-use analytical tools that allow you to estimate the efficiency of your company's lead management at each stage, as well as the efficiency of each manager separately. This information makes it easier to improve lead efficiency.

Automation is easy with the Avanga tool. It simplifies daily processes, optimises resources for business development and strategic tasks. Write to us for more information.

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