Processes SMBs Need to Automate. Part 2

Small and medium-sized businesses do their best to advance the workflow. Therefore, companies that want to stay competitive in the market should apply automation to their business processes. In our previous article we highlighted several processes SMBs need to automate and here is the list of some more for you to consider. Let’s move on!

Marketing activity

As marketing automation combines all tools for its research, planning or communication into one, you don't need to use several different platforms or apps to achieve goals. Now all of them can be integrated among themselves. Using tracking tools, as well as automatic filters, you can provide your customer with the best journey through the sales pipeline. At the same time, your marketing team has information about each client's preferences. 

With business process automation, small and medium-sized companies can personalize email content so that each offer perfectly meets client expectations. At the same time, you have the opportunity to optimize time and resources, as well as increase revenues due to more coordinated work of marketing and sales teams.


Invoicing is the best way to make the payment for the services/goods easier. However, when this process is done manually, it becomes time-consuming for employees. Accelerating financial flows and forming bills due to the e-invoices implementation is what the small and medium businesses actually need. 

Firstly, e-invoicing enables a quick money transfer between a client and a service provider. Secondly, it prevents employees from manual errors since the system detects and fixes them. 

Also, templated invoices can be processed much faster while your team can search for the payment information in real-time. Automatic notifications remind you about the payment date to prevent delays and help your customer to clear the bill on time. In this way, you lay the groundwork not only for daily tasks but also for flexible interaction with customers.

Maintenance Request 

Maintenance request automation simplifies and speeds up receiving, analyzing, and tracking applications, as well as their processing. System algorithms help direct requests to a specific manager and get their detailed view. It increases customer service quality and team performance. 

Moreover, managers can get a request and send an answer promptly through one system without making your customer waiting for long.

Managers can also view their request status. Such a transparent distribution and management of all clients' requests help save time, improve accuracy, and keep trust with customers and suppliers.


As a rule, the analytics department spends time making up reports on current business activity. Up-to-date and efficient data management methods provide practical cooperation within and between remote departments. 

SMBs can not only improve the management but also collect data from various sources for analytical reports or forecasts. This is possible due to operational production and economic activity monitoring. Integration with other software allows you to create detailed reports and analyze the processes of each department.

Do you want to get more info about workflow automation? We will get you acquainted with the fundamental principles and help integrate the multi-modular system that alleviates the running cycle in your company. Just write to us and start changing your strategy right now!

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