How Automation Can Optimize Your Workflow

By dividing business processes into several branches, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can optimize output. These branches include: 

  • Work process organisation; 
  • Communication among departments;
  • Relationship management system with clients (leads and clients);
  • Productivity management and growth measurement.

Keeping on top of all of these points can be difficult if you don’t have an efficient and organised system in place. Through automation it is possible to focus on each branch individually, make improvements on each gradually, and save time. 

Automated system integration enables team members to keep on track of processes and updates more easily and improves communication within the company

Here are a few examples of some of the difficulties SMBs can face when managing processes:

  • The sales department processes repeated deals and writes follow-up emails and schedules meetings/calls time and time again. 
  • Employees sometimes forget to contact customers on time. This can lead to information loss, transmission delays, and even collapsed deals.
  • Team members do not have clear responsibilities and their tasks are organised in a random way. Each employee works according to an individual plan without building relationships in the workplace. 
  • Finance department spends a lot of time generating and preparing reports. It takes a few days for an employee to understand what work needs to be done in a month, what transactions have been closed, and what difficulties have been encountered. 

Establish your corporate workflows with automation

1. Create a list of processes within your company and write their description. To keep the entire list in one place and prioritize correctly, you can use the online tool. Visualizing this process makes it easier to organize everything.

2. Assign responsibilities to your employees. You need to be aware of each worker’s tasks and responsibilities, as well as the time needed to complete them. The time tracking system enables managers to control productivity and to understand what needs to be optimized in the next phase.

3. Automated project management helps you to create a detailed plan for each stage and ensures employees on how exactly to execute each task. 

4. Talk over the processes and provide insights into each employee’s responsibilities so that they understand their tasks for each day or week. Messenger will help communicate clear messages to in-house workers and remote staff. 

5. Specify the time needed for each task and budget.

6. Take into consideration monitoring and measurement methods and criteria. Online statistics help companies understand which aspects of business to focus on, and how effective tools are.

By increasing process comprehension with automation, you have an opportunity to:

  • Improve customer service;
  • Optimise expenses and obtain reports with monetary movement information;
  • Prepare documents for customers, contractors, and partners – from a commercial offer to reconciliation certificate;
  • Reduce routine work, use their working time more effectively and directed at company development;
  • Receive reports on the current company situation instantly;
  • Minimize the "human factor" impact on the business;
  • Improve and accelerate your business processes;
  • Support operational activities effectively.

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