Best Workflow Tools for Small and Medium Business. Part 1.

If you are not tired of repeating the same business tasks that make demands on your time yet, then probably your team is. Another customer your sales manager forgot to make a call to, a lead you have lost due to the lack of a good strategy, or an invoice that you were supposed to send yesterday. Does it ring you a bell? 

However, if you want not only to do business well but to compete on the market then you need to automate the workflow right now. Here is a list of tools that accelerate processes and help SMB teams refocus their business strategy. Let’s get moving!

Wave Accounting

Realm: financing and accounting management

Price: Free for limited functionality

The number of users: 500 - 1000+

Main goal: A flexible financial software for small and medium businesses that allows you to track income and expenses, send invoices, generate reports, work with ready-made templates, scan receipts, track taxes and much more. Almost all accounting, billing and reporting functions are free. 

By using such a tool, your accountant or financial analyst can synchronize any banking accounts and credit cards with the software to speed up the transaction process and reduce manual data entry. Instant access to the transaction log allows you to monitor the status of payments by their types and monitor whether payments have been carried out on time. 

You can also create a profile for each company to avoid confusion related to financial operations and check all transactions separately. The Wave software allows you to make out invoices based on previously filled in information. 

Ready-made templates alleviate generating new invoices or sending reports at the push of a button. The platform is integrated with the mobile application, so you can manage your finances at any time using any device. Thus, with quick access to financial information, you can make rational decisions and conduct your business competently.

Wave vs similar software


Realm: project management

Price: 10.99$ month/user

The number of users: 2 - 1000+

Main goal: Asana is a business management software that helps companies carry out and run projects right as rain. Using this workflow automation tool, the team plans, manages, and performs tasks via one interface online. Create projects for different teams, manage them in one place, assign tasks to each worker, and monitor the process. Each project includes many filters. Thus, you can find what you want (project/task) by tag or executant, divide projects by categories, add status or priority. 

Using the calendar, you can easily find the task you need, attach files, recommendations, or instructions, and check deadlines. Since all processes are performed in one place, your team can get more accurate results and track key indicators. This platform makes the process as smooth as possible, so your team does not need to switch between different Excel worksheets and look for the desired project. It makes the workflow more coherent and systematic than ever before.

Asana vs similar software


Area: marketing activity

Price: 16.00$ month/user

The number of users: 1 - 1000+

Main goal: Omnisend automates marketers' activity and provides them with a wide range of integrated tools through a single dashboard. Business software includes many templates for conducting marketing campaigns and analyzing user behavior. 

Create a list of subscribers, track customers' actions on your business website/platform/app, analyze results, integrate Omnisend with other e-commerce platforms, use automated templates, and much more. 

Integrated components allow you to send notifications about items in the cart, request information about how satisfied customers are with the product to improve it and offer more value to clients. Thus, the marketer gives personalized product recommendations, increasing the conversion rate.

The platform provides advanced site analytics features. Using automated reports, it is possible to see statistics on how the site works, different registration forms react on clicks depending on the parameters (for example, the device the client uses), analyze sales metrics, or the number of clicks on each link. By comparing the measurements you get data on how many customers buy products or left the site without making a purchase.

Omnisend vs similar software


Area: activity monitoring

Price: 16.00$ month/user

The number of users: 1-499

Main goal: Timecamp is a business time tracking software. If your team is working on several projects simultaneously, then Timecamp is the best solution to monitor each second spent. With this tool, your team can manage time effectively, monitor working hours, and each project stage precisely. Timecamp helps small and medium-sized businesses not only track the company's progress but also calculate the number of hours needed to complete each task.

Digital dashboards allow you to automatically track the time for an employee's work plan. Visual diagrams/schemes display the current progress of each employee and compare it with the previous one. So you get detailed statistics about everyone's progress. 

Besides, the application collects information about actively used applications or visited websites as well as generates a report on the time spent at the computer. The solution also includes a digital working time log. It displays a list of actions and the number of hours spent. You can check several teams or projects that they are working on simultaneously. Due to application adaptability, you can control the process either from a computer or a smartphone.

TimeCamp vs similar software

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