Modules for Real Estate

Any organization needs to automate workflows in the long run. Managers need to search for clients, analyze customers’ behavior as well as their preferences. Besides, it is critical to control each property and monitor how the land lies. 

You can use workable solutions for real estate to move through each working stage without strain and look ahead with confidence.

Document Management

This module is a place where managers can easily download/upload documents related to a specific real estate asset. Moreover, the database links each customer to the apartments chosen and view all necessary documentation on the apartment.

Synchronization with your device provides constant access to the documents. Document management opens the opportunity to generate the desired template and downloads it from the system on a mouse click. Thus, you have a complete list of all working materials.

Effective negotiation

It enables sales managers, customers and insurance brokers discuss different aspects in real-time to make deals much faster. You can review the whole chain of your correspondence to avoid misunderstandings.

It makes it possible to find out all the deal details and run the process online. In such a case, there is no need for all sides to negotiate face-to-face.

Progressive property management

The module facilitates doing business by automating processes. It concerns accounting of real estate assets, contract management and collaboration with tenants, etc.. Automated asset management makes it possible to maintain the real estate database and look through the full range of apartment characteristics. 

It ensures efficient interaction with customers, allows to publish new attractive offers, and manage deals of various types (sale, purchase, lease), manage payment under the agreement, etc.

Active collaboration with existing and potential clients

The CRM system makes it possible to build strong relationships with your customers and accompanies it through the whole pipeline - from searching to deal-making. It eliminates all manual operations, and managers are able to focus on communicating with the clients. You can manage all items automatically as well as communicate with your customers and leads in real-time. 

Also, the system records results at each stage to form a win-win strategy of communication with clients and increases the number of successfully closed deals. Well-organized information enables you to keep all properties at hand, view addresses on the map, analyze the business status, display photos, send presentations and other materials for the customer. Gather information about client preferences using a wide range of CRM possibilities and provide users with the best real estate resources.

Analytics and statistics

You need to know business metrics well to develop the business successfully. Analysis and statistics modules give you a complete understanding of key metrics and predict possible pitfalls on time. Your managers can also forecast real estate sales depending on the selected timespan (month, week, day). 

Detailed statistics can get a big picture of how good your business plan is. With the CRM module functionality, you can generate reports about the work for both the individual manager and the team. In order to make the data presentation as user-friendly as possible, the system visualizes them using convenient diagrams and graphs.

Benefits the real estate company get by using modules

  • KPI improvement: sales growth and customer base extension, cost reduction, operational risks mitigation, etc;
  • Improve KPI performance for each business process: execution time, quality and performance.
  • With Modules, most tasks/operations can be performed automatically.

Maybe some of these tools you have already implemented to improve business processes. If you have a desire to integrate similar tools for your real estate industry but you don't know how to start with, we are ready to help! To get more insights into real estate automation - learn more about how Avanga helped other companies reach new peaks.

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