Avanga HR Management Module

For most companies lack of automation entails process disorderliness and tasks overload. It also concerns HR managers' workflow. Absence of business process automation makes managers do almost all their operations manually, keep making paper reports and roll in many tasks due to the planlesness.

As opposed to enterprises, small companies don't think about HR management automation and focus their activity on optimizing workflow related to finance, asset management or project management. At the same time they put the importance of the HR processes on the back burner neglecting the prospect of performance increase and minimizing human errors.

Let’s explore the HR module capabilities for your management.

HR- management module

One of the main HR manager's tasks is to find and recruit relevant candidates. However, it is quite exhausting to operate numerous profiles in different places or make notes in Excel sheets.

The HR management module is perfect for managing candidate sourcing

and making this process agile. HR tool includes a common database with a complete list of all potential workers. This allows you to keep all information in one place and respond to changes quickly. Also, the section includes a flexible filter system and search for a candidate by status or name.

HR- management module

Thus, the manager receives the necessary information about each candidate by clicking on the needed profile. Single-interface management displays personal information including email, position, status, city, and age.

Create candidate panel

The HR advanced module covers the digital base for new and potential candidates. The create candidate section allows you to generate a profile for each in a few seconds by filling in data in the chosen fields. The form consists of two sections - main information and contact information. 

In the Main one, you can enter:

  • First name; 
  • Last name;
  • Position; 
  • Status (In progress, Received offer, Denied, Reserve, Received answer);
  • First contact; 
  • Date of birthday; 
  • Salary. 

Contact information covers the following fields: 

  • Phone number;
  • Email;
  • Skype; 
  • Linkedin; 
  • Facebook; 
  • City. 

In addition, the HR manager can attach a link to the candidate's CV, download the file or leave review on the worker’s activity (progress). 

This is only a small part of the module's capabilities. If you are interested in enabling your managers to properly organize the recruitment, onboarding or administration process - let us know and our team will give you a quote. Alternatively, try a free demo version to discover how it works for your business.

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