How to Boost Your Sales by Automating Communications

Effective business depends on the quality of the goods sold, customer service, and communication. Sales departments deal with a huge amount of information on a daily basis, which can be very difficult to manage without special software. By automating communications you can stay in touch with clients, save user interaction history, control customer requests, and automate routine processes that usually eat up loads of time.

Lead management

Business Process Automation helps sales managers to generate, develop, and convert leads through email marketing. You can also:

  • get leads from all available sources if your CRM is integrated with your site;
  • prioritise tasks among lead-scoring vendors;
  • sort leads by types: hot, warm, cold;
  • make statistics/analysis.


The collection and processing of information in one system allow you to automate workflows, monitor sellers' activity, and make quick decisions that will ensure revenue growth. Sales managers can, therefore, analyse each customer stored on the system and provide services and relevant offers on time. All of these possibilities are available due to:

  • obtaining end-to-end analytics via channels to evaluate performance and adjust budgets;
  • receiving reports by employees, channels, new/old customers, etc;
  • monitoring daily progress by converting leads;
  • sales chain automation.


Follow-ups are created to reduce human mistakes and cut down expenses. As a rule, follow-ups cover different channels of communication: emails, push notifications, ads based on social networks activity, etc.

The Follow-up tool helps you to control touch points so you can build trusting relationships with potential clients and increase sales.


If the dashboard is updated automatically from CRM, then you can observe current indicators of daily manager activity: quantity of calls or active conversations.

You can also display the current sales status by each week, sales plan by each month, and the percentage of closed deals by the current day on the dashboard. With this tool, you can analyse what is done, set reminders for meetings with customers, and keep abreast of every important detail.


Messenger module allows you to automate sales activities. It’s time-consuming to chat with clients via different channels. You can keep all clients in one place and get notifications about deals with everyone by integrating joint chats. The history is stored so you can look back at conversations. 


The Chatbots tool searches keywords by client requests depending on the message theme. Chatbots can even lead the customer to purchase, give recommendations, centralize the received information and create an account.

Integration with email

Integrating a CRM system with email allows you not only view correspondence history but also link templates to events and set notifications for customers. This enables companies to be more informed about customers’ needs and give them useful information through email. We can set up a CRM system for you that will help facilitate sales and establish communication with your customers.

Do not miss your chance to get your BPA system for automating sales in your company!

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