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Managing a small IT-company isn't a great challenge when you are working on 2-3 projects. However, when the number of duties is increasing, related processes, reports and tasks blow the team's mind You must admit that your departments use different software to fulfil daily tasks - HR manager uses Excel sheets, Sales manager sends the customer materials by e-mail and the Project manager wastes half-day to organize all tasks via Google doc.

How about others? After all, besides Developers, Project Managers, or QA-engineers there are other employees who interact with clients. (For example, Marketing Specialists, Content Managers/Copywriters, etc). Each of them uses different online tools to cope with tasks. So, it makes the process chain uncontrolled.

Here are some examples for you:

  • The Project Manager creates a new task chain, but the team can't start working. They must wait until the plan is completed.
  • The Sales Manager makes a note about a meeting with customers but forgot about that.
  • The HR-manager doesn't have time to check all the applications from the candidates. As a result, he/she missed a qualified employee.

It may seem like there’s no perfect solution that will cover each business process, but there’s no need to worry. Here’s why:

Avanga enables companies to analyze every aspect of the business before creating a tailormade system to optimize each employee and department. 

Sales management

The Sales Manager is responsible for product development,  service delivery, and deal closures.  

Lead generation, application processing, negotiations, and deal conclusion are just some of the core tasks that the employee in this position must perform. In addition, it is crucial to analyze results, draw up reports, and remain in constant touch with clients in case they have any questions. As a result, the Sales Manager's head is often spinning. So, how can his workload be lightened? 

Avanga has a built-in CRM that establishes simple and efficient communication with clients at all levels from the lead registration in the system to conclude the deal. Filling in data, searching for potential clients via different channels, or sending materials by e-mail is no longer a headache because Avanga automates these processes. 

You no longer have to worry about forgetting to perform a task –  Avanga will remind you about them. The CRM module allows you to establish a whole sales process chain and also save the whole interaction history with the customer. So, you are always aware of the events and can plan effective work for the whole day.

Divide all customers into groups, set different statuses for them, and send notifications every day. The Activity module enables tracking progress for each new consumer (status). The automatic report generation (Statistics Module) makes it possible to obtain ready templates with the necessary information.

Project management

If you think making a project manually is a piece of cake, then you're mistaken. Often, this process requires a large number of repeated actions and many hours to complete tasks that could be completed automatically in half the time. Project managers need to make an accurate plan and assign tasks to all team members. In addition, they need to estimate risks, make calculations, and form detailed reports manually. Sometimes this takes a few hours, but sometimes it takes a few days. As a result, the team loses a valuable resource –time.

The Projects Module facilitates processes and creates a gradual project chain. The module defines tasks and makes it possible to take into account all the details of the project plan. When a manager creates a task for a QA engineer, UX/UI designer, or developer, the system automatically notifies employees. You can also prioritize tasks so that each worker knows what to do first.

Even if questions arise, you can always discuss them in a group chat. The Messenger module enables the sharing of information and exchange of files without leaving the platform.

What about performance control? The digital dashboard shows the progress of each task and it’s possible to analyze how many hours have been spent on each task or project.

So, what tasks can be automated with Avanga’s Projects/Tasks Module:

  • Task assignment;
  • Notifying employees about new tasks;
  • Plan creation for each project;
  • Employees' progress control;
  • Tracking the time needed to perform tasks;
  • Notifications about completed tasks;
  • Analytical report creation;
  • Status completion tracking.

HR management

HR managers spend several hours completing different routine tasks each day. This makes it difficult to focus on more important aspects of business, especially concerning direct communication with staff.

Most operations require a repetitive table and document creation, so why not automate?

For example, information about each employee (vacations, personal data, task information, contacts) must be filled in manually. In addition, the HR manager needs to keep in mind all events within the company and remind employees of them. And what if you need to post several jobs a day, structure all questions for a performance review, or create an analytical report? Don't worry! Avanga’s HR module can do it in a just few clicks!

Does the onboarding process make you confused about tasks? You can create a plan for all employees. To manage it, you need to add a new employee to the system, then the system links the task chain that the worker must perform. Once the checklist is created, the digital board shows the status of every worker in each onboarding stage.

Integration with job search platforms allows you to post new jobs in a few clicks and control the entire process.

With online dashboards, HR managers can visualize workflows, mark completed tasks, or add new ones. It is also possible to set the completion status and timeframes for each task. The HR module allows you to sort and analyze existing tasks quickly.

Chat with all employees can be conducted using the Messenger module. Here, you can create a group chat to communicate with the team or write a direct message to each coworker separately. As a result, you do not need to waste time in meetings, drawing up documents, or making plans. Everything is done in an instant.

Tasks that can be automated with the Avanga HR management module:

  • Employee success tracking;
  • Integration with job search platforms;
  • Detailed analytical reports preparation;
  • Management digital dashboards;
  • Onboarding process automation.

When the business process is automated and all stages are organized, your team works as a single mechanism. Everyone knows what needs to be done and is sure that all processes are hassle-free. Fast, easy, and convenient.

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