Myths and Misconceptions about BPA

Even though automation is very popular today, penetrating into the market rapidly, many companies still entertain suspicions regarding the integration of tools into their everyday processes. Nevertheless, a great number of myths prevent forming a clear vision of BPA benefits. We will expound a few misconceptions today and dot every I and cross every T.

Let’s dispel myths with our article! 

Myth 1. Process automation promotes job slashing

To some extent, it's true. Nevertheless, workflow automation is an additional advantage for those who manage the business. By automating processes, your workers keep performing their duties, but with less effort. This technology allows fulfilling tasks speedily and efficiently.

People stay involved in the process. In addition, automation tools allow them to deal with complex multi-level tasks. Thus, employees receive opportunities to perform more challenging activities. It makes it possible to focus on the really important things and analyze the management strategy carefully. In this case, automation is only a way to make the work process more progressive than ever before.

Myth 2. Business process automation is about a versatile product. It is enough to solve all business issues.

Most small and medium businesses believe that automation entails a one-size-fits-all product that solves all issues clients face. Automation requires investment and a good comprehension of your business. It takes time and in-depth business research to turn automation into another one benefit, delivering significant results, and improving your processes quality. 

Explore how your business functions, identify weaknesses and find out what processes really need to be changed. If you can’t do it on your own the service provider becomes your guide and will help find out how to cope with this task. The development team will make up requirements that fit the tech specifics for your business model and create a product that solves 100% tasks.

Myth 3. Automation makes sense only for large enterprises with a large number of processes.

Many people hold on the opinion that business process automation is needed only for enterprises with a large number of employees. However, it is a delusion. Process automation systems allow you to optimize both individual processes and the entire workflow at the same time. This is equally effective for large and small businesses. The difference is in the number of processes you need to automate. 

Usually, small companies choose the basic system version with minimum functionality. They invest in standard processes such as accounting or planning, asset management, etc. On the contrary, large organizations need an integrated, customized system that can be scaled according to the business model.

Myth 4. You need to automate everything to succeed.

In fact, everything depends on your business requirements. On the one hand, automation allows you to cover all the processes and create a comprehensive system for management. On the other hand, you can integrate customized modules that automate a couple of processes. It concerned HR management, project planning, asset management, resource planning, etc. By contacting experienced professionals, you can discuss your company's issues, conduct marketing research, and form a plan to apply the tools performing tasks and increasing efficiency at a high level.

Myth 5. The business owner loses a lot of time to train staff on how to use the new BPA product.

Many software companies provide additional support after the product is launched and installed. Often, service providers train several team members. The trained staff shares knowledge with others. Moreover, the development team provides all technical instructions, guidelines, or documents so that the user understands how the product functions.

Myth 6. It is easier for companies to buy a ready-made product than to create it on their own if the company has developers in the team.

To be honest, this is not the best choice. An all-in-one product may include needless functionality for your business. Moreover, sometimes when integrating a universal product, the company finds out that the system needs to be scaled and extra components must be applied. It leads to additional money and time losses. 

If you want to get a robust automation system - then a team of experienced specialists is what you need. Often, the members of such a team are not only developers and QA-engineers, but also marketing specialists, business analysts. Such a team helps you discover every business aspect and make the right decision. Moreover, if you have any questions, the team will provide support and recommendations, install additional components, or expand the functionality.

Let’s talk! We are ready to help with your daily business challenges and prove that automation provides great opportunities for your company growth. 

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