Best Workflow Tools for Small and Medium Business. Part 2


Area: business process management

Price: Free for limited functionality

The number of users: unlimited number of users 

Main goal: Avanga is a business process automation system. The multi-modular tool automates marketing, sales, financial operations, accounting, human resource management, etc.. The platform allows you to accumulate, store, process, and analyze information in real-time. Since all processes are tracked in one system, you get comprehensive automation of the entire workflow, from task assignment to electronic reporting of the employee's performance. Based on the results obtained, your team can make detailed statistics, forecasts and reports on the work done. 

The role-based access control (RBAC) gives each employee different rights for viewing documents, files, etc. You can also create an automated task chain to ensure a smooth workflow from the recruitment of new candidates to task delegation and project management. You can also change the system structure by selecting the appropriate modules you need for your business model. Avanga includes modules such as Projects, Tasks, Messenger, CRM, HR Management Module, Activity, Business processes, etc..


Area: sales management

Price: $25.00/month/user

The number of users: 2 - 1000+

Main goal: Salesforce is a CRM system that is designed to manage a variety of business processes. The main goal of this product is to ensure smooth cooperation with customers. The system functionality covers tools for sales management, analytics, marketing, lead management, etc.. You can track contacts, save and accumulate the necessary information about them, manage the team to stimulate sales growth.

The online platform allows you to store all data in the cloud, so you don't need to worry about losing important documents. The tool helps the marketing and sales department interact as a whole. Employees can conduct multi-channel marketing campaigns and analyze sales in one place, sharing work results. In addition, the system allows the team to interact directly with customers. The use of artificial intelligence simplifies the analytics workflow and produces accurate forecasting.


Area: human resource management

Price: 6.19$ per/month

The number of users: 1 - 999+

Main goal: BambooHR is a human resource management system. The platform allows you to track employee data (phone numbers, addresses, and so on). In addition, the system provides electronic signature opportunities to avoid manual document processing.

The system functionality allows you to track candidates, find the best employee, monitor days off or vacations, monitor employee progress, and much more. You can also create an automated task chain so that the recruitment or onboarding process runs step by step.


Area: team communication

Price: $6.67/month/user

The number of users: 2 - 1000+

Main goal: Slack is an advanced messenger. Thanks to this platform, your team has easy access to internal, corporate correspondence. Here, each team member can text, add emojis, and attach files or documents. The system is very convenient to use. For example, to move to the channel quickly, you only need to click on the link or hashtag. 

You can also mark the message as important by adding it to your favorites. Integration with services like Gmail, Jira, Dropbox adds new capacities and extend opportunities for more flexible work. Advanced search allows you to quickly get the necessary files in your system. To add new features you can integrate the chatbot by selecting it from the list.

Schedule a free consultation with the Avanga team to explore what business tools are suitable especially for your company. You can also read more about how Avanga destroys different business issues small and medium companies face.

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