Document Management and Workflow Automation: Things in Common

The company's activity is related to the management of a large number of documents - contracts, invoices, payments, etc. In each department, the documents must be verified, certified and sent to the clients. Unfortunately, employees make mistakes, lose important documents. So, the time devoted for performing all steps is delayed. The larger the company is and the more departments and branches are, the more damage the team can suffer by dealing only with paperwork.

Now, more and more companies are focusing on document automation and digital tools integration. It is not only an effective way to simplify the collaboration within the company, but also a tool to be competitive.

What is document automation?

Document automation is the implementation of a digital system that allows you to create, conduct and store contracts, payments, invoices with minimal human participation, as well as monitor all stages of documentation editing, approval or execution. Document automation is a great way to change your business, make it more efficient, and transparent.

Benefits of automated workflow

The main advantages of the document management system are:

Fast access to information

Electronic document management avoids paper-warfare. Any document may be sent by e-mail or via an electronic document management system.

Reducing duplication of documents and information

In the electronic document management system, each team member has common access to the file.

Easier access to needed data

Digital document systems allow you to access the necessary data by searching for and exporting data directly from business systems (such as customer relationship management systems).

Document optimization and data storage

Single data storage reduces the need to save multiple copies of documents. Document access and indexing tools that electronic document management systems use, allow users to access the necessary documents and other information instantly.

Business processes automation

Electronic systems involve the execution of document processing. Based on actions tied in with documents, business applications can be updated automatically, new documents can be created, and communication with internal and external users can be established.

Improving customer service

Due to instant access to the necessary information, customers can get answers to their requests quickly.

Improving the quality of work

Document management systems set strict rules and procedures for employees. What does it mean? All documents are stored in the system, have the necessary identification and order of movement within the platform. Employees will not be able to change something if they don’t have specific permissions.

Reuse of information 

Due to the business automation and storage of information, it is possible to reuse data entered into the system. 

Improved data quality

In electronic systems, many forms and documents are filled out automatically, that reduces the risk of errors. It also reduces the number of document re-checks and corrections.

Business process automation saves time to process various documents, as well as to exchange documents. Document automation also has a positive effect on the employees’ efficiency, since it is possible to monitor all processes in real-time directly. Email us to learn more about the tool that will help your business establish this process correctly!

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