Modules for Manufacturing

Would you like your production to be managed by one software that controls each stage of your business activity? A winning combination of digital modules helps you keep track of your finances and costs easily, distribute tasks, track progress or improve supplier-customer interaction. In this article, we will glance over several modules that are indispensable for a successful business strategy.

Material management

Inventory management is necessary as your fixed assets are on the jump, you need a close-knit team or a multitasking module to monitor an individual flow. Inventory control allows you to track all materials that are in stock. 

By storing data in the workflow automation system, the manager can instantly see what parts are available on a particular day. Timely material accounting and precise analytics help track your inventory in real-time. It means when a customer sends a request to see whether an item is in stock, the system automatically updates the data and makes an extensive report.

The inventory management module opens up opportunities for the user to manage goods and sales. Add items to the system, establish characteristics so that you can easily find the item by the parameters and manage the process online, changing the settings in several clicks. 

By investing in automated inventory management, you gain full control over your business and have a clear vision about the asset flow daily.

Automated reporting

It is not enough to manage assets only. It is also essential to analyze the state of affairs and provide an informative report to your boss, colleague or client. Robust tools to help you learn more about your production materials are automated reports. 

This is a great way to receive information about assets by analyzing them online. Besides, your managers do not need to spend time looking for the right information or update data at every turn to create and publish business reports over a while. 

The system stores all your data and generates comprehensive reports that acquaint with basic metrics simply and understandably. Automation eliminates any unnecessary activity and creates a smooth workflow. In this way, your team has all the information they need to generate the necessary inventory, value, or material cost reports, analyze sales and much more.

With digital dashboards, you can monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and get precise activity statistics. Analyze the production volume, track the number of materials available or get equipment status statistics. This way, you can place all your KPIs grouped and manage all metrics on one screen. 

Linking data to reports and panels provides a comprehensive understanding of processes and creates an enabling environment for automated inventory management by displaying accurate activity information.

Goods and sales management

The Sales Management Module allows you to place and monitor orders. The system notifies you about transactions related to purchasing or ordering additional components for production. Thus, it is easy for the manager to track the process progress and be sure that the order is delivered without any delays. 

The flexible module informs managers how the materials go through the whole process and when are ready for delivering. Storing all transactions in the database allows you to generate reports and make analyses or forecasts. 

Automating these processes will make it easier for you to understand customers' needs, allocate resources, and improve your service.

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship module provides tools for managing communication between the manufacturer and the customer. Of course, your team can use e- spreadsheets to keep an eye on each customer and store information, but it requires numerous manual operations. Also, your customers can come from different social networks, and following each of them is a time-consuming challenge. 

With CRM, you can simply add them to the system and become even more customer-centric. Thus, your sales managers help consumers get answers faster, cope with possible difficulties with goods or services, and manage requests with a multi-task tool. It reduces the number of delays, involves the customer in the process and impacts the sales process. 

For example, after adding a lead to CRM, you get comprehensive information about a potential client in one place. Here you can also set the status to each lead, add tasks related to clients, monitor the completion status, and get an analysis of how the process is moving. In CRM, you can also add notes, view the entire communication history, download a complete list of all customers as a CSV., or schedule meetings. 

Digital diagrams and graphs show how your team copes with tasks at each stage of the deal-making. Transparent algorithms help create an operation chain that improves the process, promotes effective decision-making and advances your collaboration with the customer.

Billing and account management

If you want to manage the organization deftly and increase profits, automated accounting is an integral part of the manufacturing business transformation. With the automation module, you can maintain a complete list of your invoices, distribute them into groups for easy use, or form new bills with ready-made templates. 

By owning such a tool, your managers can get detailed information about asset balance, capital, loans, payments, etc.. Process optimization not only allows you to operate invoices automatically but also to save time and money. 

Since all operations and calculations are performed based on built-in formulas, you obtain accurate and reliable information, increasing working efficiency. Also, you can easily import data to integrate it into other systems for further analysis. 

Moreover, the module allows you to keep all the information in one system (for example, order number, list of suppliers, delivery address, etc.). It eliminates repetitive data entry and enables to fill in forms, automatically reducing the time for working with documentation.

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